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MACC has Partnered with National Purchasing Partners (NPP)!

MACC has Partnered with National Purchasing Partners (NPP)!

Members of the MACC can now access business, employee, and personal discounts through National Purchasing Partners (NPP). NPP is a new member benefit provider of MACC and helps members reduce costs with exclusive pricing.

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Meeting the Challenges of COVID-19: MACC Members Reflect on Their Experiences of the Past Year

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 became a global pandemic and shut down our world. No one knew then how profoundly it would change nearly all aspects of our lives.

While safety protocols, CDC guidelines, and virtual communications remain an essential part of our daily existence, the initial fears and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic have given way to action, renewal and recovery among our members.

Read on and discover how the pandemic has affected our MACC contractors, distributors and manufacturers as they continue to meet the challenges of a new business environment.
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President's Message: Spring 2021 Volume 1

President's Message: Spring 2021 Volume 1

Once again, we find ourselves in another Spring Season.  I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well these days.  I am sure everyone is looking towards a great start! That being said, listen to what we have in store for our MACC members…
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