2023 Scholarship Program: CLOSED

The Metropolitan Air Conditioning Contractors of New York (MACC) has established an annual Scholarship Award to honor and further the education of worthy students as selected by its Scholarship Committee.


I. Recipients shall be selected from various HVAC companies, High Schools, Technical Colleges, and Universities. Each applicant must complete the appropriate application forms and mail to the Metropolitan Air Conditioning Contractors of New York (510 Broadhollow Road, Suite 305A, Melville, NY 11747) to be considered for the following school year. Applicants can also email their application to info@maccny.org with the subject line "MACC Scholarship 2023".

II. Any qualified high school or college applicant shall have submitted to the MACC office, postmarked on or before June 30, 2023, the following materials:
Two Letters of Recommendation (from: a Principal, Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Supervisor, Co-worker, and/or Community Leader).
Transcript of scholastic record for the preceding year.
500-word Essay (see below for details).
Completed Application Form.
Three references with the following information:
o Name   o Relationship to Candidate   o Phone Number
List of accomplishments, activities, leadership and awards.

NOTE: Failure to provide one or more of the previously mentioned items and the application will NOT be eligible for the scholarship.


To be eligible for this scholarship award, the applicant must be either:

I. The child, or grandchild, of a current MACC member who has been in good standing with the association for a minimum of one year preceding the application date or,

II. The child, or grandchild, of an employee who has been employed for a minimum of one year by a MACC member. This applicant must be sponsored by the member of the association.

To qualify for this award the applicant must:

I. Be a student in good standing already enrolled in a college, university or trade school.

II.  Hold good standing and have maintained a scholastic average of C or better for the previous year of academic course of study preceding the date of application.

NOTE: If you are a high school senior, you must be in the process of enrolling in a college, university or trade school.

MACC and The Scholarship Committee

I. Applications will be submitted to the Scholarship Committee for approval. The right to reject any and all award applicants is the sole discretion of MACC and The Scholarship Committee.

II.  The Scholarship Committee shall meet for the purpose of reviewing the applications and shall decide the recipient(s) of the scholarship award.

III.  The following factors will be taken into consideration when making the decision:
Academic Achievements   • Leadership/Work Experience   • Essay   • Worthiness

IV. The Scholarship Fund shall be placed in a separate Savings Account and maintained by the MACC Office. The MACC Scholarship Committee will administer the Scholarship Fund, awarding up to $1,000 each year.

V. Scholarship rewards for high school and college students shall be made directly to the individual.

VI. Recipients are required to submit a new application, each year, with accompanying transcripts.

VII. Promotion of the Scholarship shall be made by MACC and available on its website.

Include the following with finished Application:
Failure to provide all of the following items, will invalidate the application.

I.  School GPA and, if high school, college or trade school information are provided, transcripts must be enclosed to validate the information.

II. Each applicant must submit a written 1-page essay on one of the following topics:
Why he/she is interested in pursuing a career in the major they choose.
• Who has been a major influence in his/her life and why?
Or an obstacle he/she has faced and how he/she dealt with it/ overcame it.

III. Two signed letters of recommendation must accompany information in this section.

IV.  Completed Application Form

V.  Three references with the following information:

  • Name    Relationship to Candidate    Phone Number

VI. List of accomplishments, activities, leadership and awards.

applications are now Closed!

Scholarship Award Amount:
Up to $1,000

Application Deadline:
June 30, 2023


If you have any questions about the Scholarship Program, please contact the association office at vasb@znppal.bet or