MACC News: President's Message - November 2013

President's Message - November 2013

Well, the weather is changing…fall here we come.  This year is supposed to be a cold one; we should take this time to prepare for what should be ahead.

Our meeting this month was very informative thanks to Mike Callahan from Rathe Associates.  We found out NYC is no longer allowing the use of PVC for the high efficiency units, he showed us the product that would replace it.  We also discussed the new variable speed pumps and outdoor reset controls.  We all came away with some good information.

Next month, Beth Fagin from Alan Pearl and Associates will be at our meeting to discuss The Affordable Care Act and what it means to us.  L.G. will also be there.  Our meeting will be November 7th at Westbury Manor. Hope to see you all there.

Just as a note of interest, a contractor informed me that OSHA had showed up at several of their job sites recently to look for the 10 hr.  safety card for each person on the job. So make sure your people have that card.
                 — Al Trudil