MACC News: On-Demand HVAC Webinars Available at ACHR News

On-Demand HVAC Webinars Available at ACHR News

Available through 11/5/21
Optimized Ventilation for High-Performing Buildings

New codes and standards, market-based incentives, sustainability and the increased awareness of indoor air quality are
driving the adoption of specialized mechanical ventilation systems. In this presentation, speakers James DeBerry and
Joe Cefaly overview both Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) and how these
specialized ventilation systems work in concert with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems.

Available through 12/9/21
Reducing HVAC GHG Emissions: Electrification & Decarbonization

Over the past decade, buildings have become more energy-efficient, heat pump performance has improved and the
electric grid has become greener. These actions have led to significant reductions in emissions from building electricity
consumption. However, over the same time period, building emissions from burning natural gas, fuel oil and propane
have remained relatively flat.

Available through 12/16/21
How to Add Plumbing to Your Already Profitable HVAC Business

Why would an HVAC business owner want to add plumbing to their business? Why would they want to purchase another
company or add satellite locations? To increase revenue, grab more market share, and solidify the future of the business
are all smart reasons. However, it is also to fuel the WHY of WHY they are in business! Every person whose expertise is
business purpose will tell you that a critical component of WHY is to be in service to others. Whether or not you have a
stated WHY, business expansion allows the opportunity to build wealth and provide professional development for you
and your coworkers