MACC News: President's Message - June 2016

President's Message - June 2016

President's Message - June 2016
It seems every spring my wife comments on the weather as “crazy and unusual for this time of year”.  In fact, the sudden changes of cold and warm days during the shoulder season are quite normal.  The average daily temperature of 61 degrees in New York during the month of May has been the same for the past twenty years, give or take a few degrees.

As an HVAC contractor, I try to stay informed of the temperature and future weather patterns.  As spring approaches, being aware of the weather allows me to anticipate future work load and prevent unnecessary frustration for my customers.  It also reminds me of the urgency to complete the seasonal inspections in a timely manner and to prepare the service department to gear up for a hectic few weeks.

The “Round Table” forum at our April association meeting was a great success and focused on topics including planning techniques for personal finance, pros and cons of arbitration, and strategies with regards to hiring new employees.  I would like to thank Jay Hochheiser, Barbara Dematteo, Stuart Zisholtz, and Jimmy Moyen for moderating the event.

Please remember to register for our upcoming June events, our annual “Night with the Mets” and cocktail networking event at the Chalet in Roslyn.  I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, and remember to visit our web site at for upcoming events.