MACC News: President's Message - September 2015

President's Message - September 2015

The economy in New York seems to have finally rebounded and construction seems to be increasing at a brisk pace.  Although the increase of business is a good thing, it also places many hardships for HVAC companies.  Finding skilled and competent employees seems to be one of the biggest challenges.  The advanced technologies now found in equipment requires that training become a necessity to maintain an effective service department.  Contractors should start to develop an in-house training program and utilize the training classes offered by manufactures.  MACC will be expanding its Workshop Program by adding additional topics this year to help further educate your employees.
Our golf outing this year was a huge success.  The weather was beautiful and the golf course was in great condition.  This was the first year that the event was held at the Village of Lake Success, an appropriate representation of some of the changes ahead for this organization.  Special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make the day more enjoyable.
As most of you are aware, the recent outbreak of Legionella is having a significant effect on our businesses.   At our next meeting on September 4th, Both Cascade and CSI will be presenting information regarding the EPA guidelines, treatments, and contractor and building owner’s responsibilities.  This is an important meeting and should be attended by all.  Please visit our website on a regular basis to stay informed about upcoming events.