MACC News: Contractors and Suppliers Share The Top Business Building Benefits of Their MACC Membership

Contractors and Suppliers Share The Top Business Building Benefits of Their MACC Membership

Contractors and Suppliers Share The Top Business Building Benefits of Their MACC Membership

MACC is playing a leading role in helping HVAC professionals move their businesses to the next level. Our association provides a wide variety of opportunities for members to come together and share their ideas, strengthen skills, gain access to more customers and make new connections. We asked both contractors and suppliers to tell us what they consider to be the greatest benefits and opportunities they derive from being a member of MACC. These top business-building benefits emerged:

Creating New Business Opportunities

Virtually all members cited networking as a key benefit of their membership… and vital to the growth and success of their organizations. Meetings, special events, training seminars and much more all provide networking opportunities that bring bottom line business benefits to members. “MACC is a great organization to be a part of in terms of building relationships, meeting new people, and of course getting new business, if you put yourself out there,” says Brian Aull of Atlantic Contracting & Specialties.

“Over the 12 years I’ve been a MACC member, I’ve come into contact with so many people which has led to numerous recommendations. Networking is for the long-term … I can meet a contractor who will call me several years later with new business.”

Stu Ellert of Comfort Tech reports that networking at MACC events has brought him his accountant, his lawyer and many subcontractors. “It usually takes a very long time and lots of energy to build these kinds of relationships which networking accomplishes in record time, ” says Stu. “I’m a strong believer that you get out what you put in.” So too, Scott Berger of Arista has built a great peer network of smart, experienced people who understand the challenges and opportunities we face on a daily basis. “Some of those relationships have even spurred the successful acquisition of other smaller companies that are now part of The Arista Family,” says Scott.

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Every industry faces its own unique set of challenges. Sharing similar experiences and offering effective solutions often helps to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems. “Everyone in our organization is dealing with similar issues, especially in New York City,” reports Jason Staiano of National Compressor Exchange. “It’s not so easy to do business in our city,” Jason continues, “and it’s very helpful to bounce ideas and challenges off of other members with similar issues. Dialogue that centers around common problems serves to help us all overcome challenges.”

James Padavan of Air Design Inc. puts it this way: “MACC has given me the ability to feel comfortable in a forum of my peers …all with the same industry issues. Most everyone is willing to learn and share their experiences to improve the industry, which is why most of us considered joining in the first place. We work as a team to compare ideas on running our businesses and trying to address issues that we all face.”

Enhancing Skills… Increasing Expertise

MACC is deeply committed to offering training and education programs including seminars and hands-on workshops designed to help members learn and grow in their profession. Even outside of these official events, members have constant opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship that allows them to share knowledge. “I send my technicians to seminars which I find to be very helpful, hands-on events that go above and beyond just classroom learning,” says Stu Ellert.

“We attend the trainings and seminars as well -- if not myself, then my staff,” comments James Padavan.

“They encourage learning and collaboration and most importantly, they kind of “wake you up” and force you to think outside the box and get your creativity flowing. I especially enjoyed the training on Customer Care and Support by Steve Coscia. It enabled me to bring back my learnings to my business and implement them in our office immediately.”

A partnership between MACC and the Electrical Training Center provides customized training geared specifically to topics MACC members have asked to learn. “Our overall partnership goal is to provide students with a valuable resource in the HVAC/R trade and to promote MACC membership so that both our organizations can continue to build a network of education and information sharing,” reports Sal Ferrara, Director of the Electrical Training Center.

Attending Meetings and Special Events

Keeping on top of current news and developments in the industry is vital to staying competitive. Regular MACC meetings are an outstanding venue for learning about news and developments that affect HVAC businesses and the industry. “Our meetings are open to all MACC members,” stresses Jason Staiano. “As I attend almost all of the meetings, I can honestly say that they not only keep me up to date on what’s happening in the industry – and the state – but many of the topics presented are very targeted and helpful.”

In addition to the many great business venues are the memorable special events including a Night at the Mets, the Golf Outing, the Knicks Basketball Game and others – all an important part of the ‘power of networking’. “I believe the best events for networking are ones that are not necessarily industry-related, but those that bring people

together and have a common thread for all involved,” concludes James Padavan. “MACC has made me realize that we are not alone in our concerns or our daily struggles as businesses in the trades … inspiring me to look beyond the daily routine of running a business and envisioning where I want my business to go. Being part of MACC gives us a sounding board that we can all trust, knowing the information, education and advice provided is solid and proven.”

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