MACC News: President's Message - April 2014

President's Message - April 2014

I want to thank Rick Henning from Power Generator System for an informative talk about the generator market.  I didn’t realize the potential for HVAC companies to enter into the generator market.  After Rick explained the benefits of adding the generator market to our services and he showed us the numbers this would definitely be a viable market to add to our companies.  We have the customer base already both in residential and commercial.  This is another service we can offer our customers and help lock them into our companies.
Next month instead of our regular meeting we will be hosting a Casino Night.  This will be a great time for you to come and enjoy yourself.  To register go to  
Spring is here and hopefully so is warmer weather.  We might be able to finally put the snow shovels and snow blowers away for till next year…lets hope!
Some interesting information was brought to my attention this week and thought that would be useful to us all.  Manhattan ConEd has increased its gas pressure to 8” w.c. but still is only guaranteeing 4” w.c. so watch your pressure switches!  
Be safe out there and hope to see you all for Casino Night April 3rd.