MACC News: Welcome to the new ACCA Home Page!

Welcome to the new ACCA Home Page!

We are happy to present to you the new ACCA NY home page! We have added a number of features that we think you will find useful. The Stock Quote and Weather widgets to the right are customizable. Enter in your zip code or the stock symbols that you like to follow and the website will remember those choices when you return. Stay up to date with the latest ACCA news here on the left, as well as local news at bottom center. Search the web using the Google search on the right. Also note that you can comment on the ACCA news posts using the Comment link below each post. We are also happy to introduce ads for featured ACCA members! On the top-right you will see an advertisement for one of our members. If you are interested in submitting your own ad for the website, just click here for more information (Login required). 

We hope you enjoy the new layout and find these new features useful. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions!