MACC News: President's Message - December 2015

President's Message - December 2015

President's Message - December 2015
On behalf of the board of directors of MACC, I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. This year, MACC emerged as a newly organized trade association of HVAC professionals in our area.

Through the efforts of the board of directors, we provided many exciting new programs and events for our membership.  Our new Workshop Series, an update newsletter and website, and a shift towards topics that deal with business development are just a few of our accomplishments for this year.  

This organization gives us the opportunity to get together with our peers, learn, be entertained, establish new relationships, and make more money.  I ask all of you to be more involved in this organization in the upcoming year by attending our events and offering your support.  Our 2016 calendar already has many new events planned, including a destination conference in the fall.

I want to thank William Artis from Daikin Applied for speaking at our last monthly meeting.  His presentation on applying VRF technology in New York City was very informative.  Obviously this was an important topic based on the number of members that attended this meeting.

Please join us at our Holiday Cocktail Party at the Chalet Restaurant in Roslyn on December 3rd.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Also, remember to visit our web site for upcoming events.