MACC News: Best Wishes to Ken Ellert on his Retirement!

Best Wishes to Ken Ellert on his Retirement!

Best Wishes to Ken Ellert on his Retirement!
We are at once happy and sad to announce the retirement of Ken Ellert, founder of Comfort Tech. Ken’s service to his company, the industry and to the MACC association, where he served as our President from 2006-2007, has been an inspiration to all.

In the 1950s, upon returning home from the Army and after college, Ken began working for his father, Sol Ellert at his refrigeration company. Following his father’s retirement, Ken founded Amrus Air Conditioning in 1994, which later became Comfort Tech in 2006.

Stu Ellert, Ken’s son, has worked with his dad for close to 20 years. “I can truly say that working with my father was the best! Learning from him… watching him work …talking about everything from sports to politics to business. … these were awesome years. Everyone at Comfort Tech has benefited from my dad’s integrity and easy-going manner.”

As Ken embarks on this exciting new phase in his life he talks about the things he will miss most: “Definitely, I will miss the people I work with and all the associations and relationships I’ve formed over the years. I have greatly enjoyed my work and being a part of this industry.”

All of us at MACC extend our very best wishes to Ken Ellert for a happy, healthy and fun-filled retirement!