MACC News: President's Message - October 2015

President's Message - October 2015

With the recent outbreak of legionnaire’s disease, both city and state health officials of New York enacted emergency policies to control the further outbreaks of the deadly disease. These regulations require additional inspections every 90 days and immediate disinfection once a culture sample tests positive.  This is just one example on how the government is playing a greater role in the way we as contractors conduct business.

Another example of government intervention, frustrating many of us, is the permitting process with the New York department of buildings and the numerous municipalities on long island.  The review period for a permit can take weeks before a permit is issued.  On Long Island, since there is no unified building permit, each town can enforce its own set of requirements.  Many towns are now instituting a policy requiring a restricted plumber’s license to conduit business.  These restrictions are making it more difficult for contractors to install equipment in a timely matter.  This is not only inconvenient for our customers, but often forces contractors to perform the work without permits.

It is important for contractors to unite through organizations like MACC to make sure that future policies are developed to benefit the contractor and improve the quality of service we provide for our customers.

I want to thank both Cascade and CSI for presenting information on the new guidelines concerning Legionnaire’s disease.  Our next meeting will be at Vivaldi Ristorante on October 1.  I look forward to seeing you there and remember to visit our web site for upcoming events.