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Wales Darby - A. O. Smith’s Training Tuesdays - X3 Application, Installation, and Troubleshooting

AO Smith will be conducting 1 hour live trainings every Tuesday, starting April 28th through June 16th.


Pre-registration is not required, to participate, visit

Weekly Topics:
Week one: Water Condition, Thermal Expansion, and The Life of a Water Heater
Week two: Residential Electric (standard electric, energy saver electric, and heat pump)
Week three: Residential Gas (standard gas and atmospheric direct vent)
Week four: Residential Power Vent (power vent and power direct vent)
Week five: Condensing and Non-condensing Tankless
Week six: X3™ Scale Prevention Technology
Week seven: Commercial Gas (Cyclone® Mxi, multi-flue, and Polaris™)
Week eight: Proper Venting Practices